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If you are a long time Internet user then you might still have a Yahoo email account. Unfortunately, all your contacts from the last decade have your email and you cannot forward the emails you get or access them in any way other than use Yahoo’s website. So you are stuck with this. Fortunately, Yahoo developed an email app for Android that allows you to pretty much do all the major operations you could want: send, receive, add attachments, be notified.

Overall, the interface is very clean and intuitive. Composing a new email is very easy, you have access to smileys, text formatting, colors, adding attachments or even taking pictures right from the composing screen. Selecting contacts is also very easy: either type in their name/email (with completion from your contacts) or navigate to the contact list where you can select multiple recipients.

Yahoo! Mail splash screenYahoo MailYahoo Mail Compose

Reading email is also great. You have the basic reply, reply to all, forward and delete options along with mark as spam, move to another folder, mark as unread and select text. So whatever you need to do, it’s there. One small problem about reading email. All the images are displayed by default and there is no possibility to change this. This is a problem when it comes to spam because by displaying an image from the spammer’s servers inside an email you just confirmed that the message was read and your address is valid.

Yahoo! Mail message

There are not that many options to configure this email app.

Yahoo! Mail options

One great feature is the possibility to add multiple accounts. No need to keep logging out and in (and to remember multiple passwords).

Yahoo! Mail multiple=

One thing the developers have overlooked is what happens when you are notified about a new email that eventually gets read on another device. The notification does not disappear unless you check your email from the app although there isn’t a new email anymore. Yes, the Gmail app has this covered :).

Overall, this is a high quality app that enables you to access and use the Yahoo! Mail service without any issues. If you use Yahoo! and also have an Android device, this is definitely a must-have.


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name Yahoo! Mail
publisher Yahoo! Inc.
price free
advertising-supported no
version 1.2.1
size 1.81 MB
developer contact (at) yahoo (dot) com
Published on: 12 December 2010