Where’s my water?

A famous puzzle game on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems is Disney’s Where’s my water?. As the player, you will follow Swampy (the alligator) in his never ending quest to take a bath. By digging dirt, turning taps on and sliding platforms you will have to guide enough water through Swampy’s pipes so he can safely take a bath. Featuring over 200 levels (and many more that require additional in app purchases) this app has a great bang for your buck.

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Just like every other puzzle game in the genre, Where’s my water? takes advantage of the basic law of gravity. This means water goes down, steam goes up. All the liquids have a realistic behavior. They suffer from inertia, pressure and even mimic waves.

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As you make your way through the game, more interesting features appear that keep the game fresh and entertaining. Switches, sliders, different liquids that react to the environment. The level design is quite amazing. Although most will fit right into one screen, without the need for scrolling, the complexity is gorgeous.

Regarding the actual game size there are 10 level groups, each with 20 levels inside. To unlock the next group you will need to match a rubber duck quota. These ducks can be obtained in each level by touching them with a few drops of water. There are always three ducks inside each level. Apart from ducks, a few levels also have some secret objects hidden in the dirt. Don’t worry about digging every inch of dirt in each level, the ones that do contain a special object are highlighted with a question mark. Once you dig them up they will be added to your collection and you will get to play extra levels. This is a nice feature and adds an extra incentive to replay some levels.


In addition to the basic levels and the extra ones you get from the collection, there are a few teaser levels that will try to convince you to make additional purchases like the Mystery Duck and Cranky’s Story.

One thing that is quite annoying is that whenever you leave your device for a few seconds to plan your level approach, it may power off the screen. When you wake the device up, the app loads the level again.


A great puzzle game with good graphics, music and interesting level design. If you like puzzle games such as Cut the rope, Where’s my water? will also be right for you.


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Reviewed Version 1.7.0
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price $ 0.99
Size 48 MB
Advertising No
Developer Disney
Published on: 9 September 2012
Tags: games puzzle