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One might argue that this game has a quite uninspired title. It would be just like calling Call of Duty as Shooter. Nevertheless, this Android game is quite challenging and entertaining for its genre. Out of all the tower defense games, Tower Defense (see what I’m talking about?) differentiates itself with a few custom features that help the gameplay a lot and provide a challenging experience for the player. Apart from the variety of towers and enemies, the maps themselves are unique and provide even more challenges. Jump in to read the full review.

There are 3 game types: campaign, challenge and special missions. The campaign is the one you will use to unlock maps in the other 2 and follows through the game’s story. It has 40 missions (maps) that you can only play in order, each one unlocking the next one. The tower types are not available from the beginning, but are obtained as you fight your way through the battles. Once you have access to a tower you can choose to play any other previous mission with a serious advantage.


A few words about the gameplay:

  • The whole map is structured in a grid, so you can only place towers within a specified square.
  • Towers can be placed at any time, even during a pause.
  • You can zoom in or out to see the whole picture. This is helpful if you want to place a tower on the edge of the screen but don’t have precision in your finger tip.
  • The game can be played at 2x speed, thus eliminating wasted time with weak enemies.
  • The enemies come in waves. You can call a wave early and by doing this even have 2 waves crossing simultaneously. There are even maps that award you special badges when calling early a certain wave percentage.
  • Each map has 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.

An interesting feature of the game are the destroyable resources. Those are just obstacles that occupy spots within a map and can be destroyed after shooting them with your towers. You get resources for destroying them and also clear strategic spots for your towers. Apart from these resources there are also resource fields. These can be harvested only by placing special generator towers on them. These towers generate resources over time but do not fire at your enemies.

Some tower defense games have elevation taken into consideration when building towers. Tower Defense has them too. You get an additional range bonus (or penalty for lower areas, watch out) if you are building on top of a platform.

tower-defense-1 tower-defense-2 tower-defense-3 tower-defense-4 tower-defense-5 tower-defense-6 tower-defense-7

The game does have advertisements that are shown on the loading screen and aren’t such a pain and also provides the option to purchase the green diamonds that are used for adding power ups to your missions.


Tower Defense: Lost Earth (in its full name) is definitely a good game within its category and although it could use more polish compared to Lair Defense we recommend it to any tower defense enthusiast.


QR Code tower-defense-qr-code
Reviewed Version 1.3.2
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 4 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Com2uS

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Published on: 11 September 2013
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