Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower falls into the economic games, where effectively managing your resources is the key to success. As the name implies, the game revolves around a skyscraper, with each floor having a determined function (residential, service, recreation etc.). It is up to you to pick up the best employees for the job, to restock products and keep everyone happy while building the tallest building around.

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There are 2 main resources in the game: coins and tower bux. The former is the main currency and is used for purchasing additional floors or restocking products. The latter is used to hurry up constructions, restocking and other benefits. Not surprisingly, tower bux are scarce and can be bought.

The game’s graphics are very pixelated, which isn’t a big problem, but it would surely looked better with another skin. There are a couple of background songs that fit really well in the game. Apart from this, all the messages are funny and there is even a small Facebook-like page where your bitizens (that’s how they are referred to within the game) post their opinions regarding their lives inside your tower.

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As the player, your role is to build more and more floors. Floors cost coins that are mainly produced by selling products in other specialized floors. Products need to be restocked from time to time and it is up to you to do this. Every floor except the residential ones has a total number of 3 employees that you must assign. Each person has a different skill set and a dream job. Choosing the right person for the right job increases efficiency of that particular floor.

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From time to time you also need to work the elevator and to bring visitors to their desired destination. You will be rewarded in coins, double the floor number to be more exact. Also, certain bitizens will need to be reached and it is also up to you to find someone by tapping their floor. This might look easy at first but once your tower gets big you will have quite a headache. Your reward for doing this is 1 tower bux.


Here is a method that will allow you to build everything faster and will also destroy the fun in the game. But then again, so is buying tower bux and building everything instantly.

The game is based on timings. If you exit the application and open it again in 2 hours you will notice that it takes some time to load and that everything seems to have continued without your help. It actually adds the time passed from the last known tower configuration and provides the new state. The trick is quite a no-brainer at this point: simply change the date/time of your Android device before opening the app. We had some problems when switching back because the game would not recognize the date in the past and would freeze. The solution in this case is to kill the process using an app like Task Manager. After starting it up again, everything will be fine.


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Reviewed Version 1.3.6
Size 19 MB
Publisher Mobage
Developer NimbleBit LLC
Free Yes
Advertising No

We were thinking about writing a tips & tricks article about Tiny Tower, but we found a large and thorough one over at Destructoid.

Published on: 2 February 2012
Tags: economic games