Tiny Flashlight + LED

This is the second flashlight app we are reviewing here at Android Target. Apart from the obvious switch the LED on/off function, there are a few other features such as warning lights or color lights which display different patterns of colors on the screen. There is also a widget available, so you can simply tap an icon on your home screen to control the light.


The app’s main screen shows a set of tools called Visible Light Sources. These are:

  • LED Light
    This uses the phone’s Flash LED. It also displays the battery remaining.
  • Screen Light
    Turns the whole screen into a bright white. The advertisements at the bottom are quite annoying here.
  • **Warning Lights
    ** Flashes back and forth between two yellow stop lights.
  • **Light Bulb
    ** Shows a light bulb. You can control the light intensity by sliding vertically and the background color by sliding horizontally.
  • Color Lights
    Paints the whole screen in the same color. Brightness and color are controlled in the same way as the Light Bulb.
  • Police Lights
    Flashes the screen between red and blue. We don’t know why you would want that (except for fun).


There is also a settings page where you can customize the behavior. You can choose whether to turn on the lights when you start the app, to play sounds, to provide a haptic feedback. You can even configure which light sources to display.


A very important aspect is the widget. This is extremely important to have because when you really need a light source there should be an easy and fast way to turn on the LED. Luckily, Tiny Flashlight has a small 1×1 widget you can use.



QR code tiny flashlight +led qrcode
name Tiny Flashlight + LED
publisher Nikolay Ananiev
price free
advertising-supported yes
size 1.52 MB
developer contact admin (at) devuni (dot) com

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Published on: 6 September 2011