The Lost City

Another great adventure game is The Lost City by Fire Maple Games. The action takes place in a beautiful tropical forest filled with ruins and puzzles along the way. There are more than 40 different scenes, each with a different version according to the current season. That’s right, all the 4 seasons come into play and can affect your actions which adds another dimension to the quests.

The story goes like this: your grandma is an archeologist that used to explore the lost city but now she is too old for that. You are given a green stone and thrown right into the lost city in the forest to reveal its mysteries and find out how did the local people managed to change the seasons as they wanted.


The tools at your disposal are an inventory, a journal, a map and a hint guide. The last one is in fact a walkthrough that will tell you exactly what you need to do from start to finish. This is a little odd because it is too tempting being only a button away from the journal. The journal is just a book where you will write down combinations and codes that you find along the way. This is very helpful because it removes the need to memorize or write down the codes yourself.

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As it is already expected of adventure games, the scenery is beautiful. The forest really seems to be alive and thriving with running waterfalls, shining rays of light and colorful flowers. The puzzles are not difficult at all, but what is really challenging in the game is exploring all the possible areas, grabbing all the items and also playing with the seasons. For example you cannot explore a well until it dries out in autumn. And every season can be activated by traveling to a different area.

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Because of the relative large number of scenes there is a real danger of getting lost. This is why the developers added a map where all the areas visited by you so far are displayed along with the connections to one another. Although it would have been great if you could travel to another area just by tapping it on the map instead of manually going through every one in between.

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A very interesting adventure game. Compared to The Passenger it is way longer and more complex. The whole world is accessible at all times and every item could be used anywhere. It is quite challenging to remember all the details.

Although a little inconvenient to move around from one area to another, it is an interesting game that will keep you occupied for a few hours. And it’s just $1.99 on the Android Market.


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Reviewed Version 1.0
Size 45 MB
Price 1.99 USD
Advertising No
Developer Fire Maple Games
Published on: 8 February 2012
Tags: adventure games puzzle