StopWatch & Timer

Have you ever wanted a timer to measure something? The StopWatch & Timer app by is just what you need. It’s lightweight and extremely simple to use. Exactly the qualities you are looking for in such an app. Although on an average day you won’t need a timer app, it is a good idea to keep this one installed. It uses less than 800 KB on your Android device so lack of space will not be a problem.

As the app’s name suggests, StopWatch & Timer has two main uses that can be switched using the corresponding menu option:

  • Stopwatch will start a timer and keep counting the time until you stop it. You can even record laps in this mode. There is also a persistent icon in the notification bar that shows you how many minutes have passed. This is very helpful because it allows you to leave the app and do other things such as surfing the web while the stopwatch runs in the background.
  • Timer will need an amount of time as input and will count down from that value to 0 and sound an alarm. There are numerous settings to choose the alarm sound or to disable it completely so don’t worry about this aspect.

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The app does recognize the device’s orientation, so in landscape mode you will see a bigger watch. There is a similar option in the menu called Big that will put the application in full screen and force it to display in landscape mode.

For those who like to customize their interfaces, there is a huge number of preset color palletes to choose from.


Moving onto settings, there are a lot of options to tweak every aspect of the app: alarm, volume, brightness and vibration just to name a few.

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Reviewed Version 1.19
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Price Free
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Published on: 7 February 2012
Tags: stopwatch time timer