Speed Test

You may be familiar with the SpeedTest.net service. It offers a simple test for your internet connection using hundreds of servers from around the world. Each test verifies the ping, download and upload speeds between you and a chosen server. The Speed Test app for Android is very similar with the web based one and allows you to test different WiFi (or the carrier’s network) while on the go.

The app has 4 tabs: Speed Test, Settings, Results and About. The first one displays the actual test and speed meter. By default it will select the closest server available based on the phone’s location.

Speed TestSpeed Test Running

One problem I’ve encountered while using this app is the inability to cancel a running test. You can still switch tabs but the test keeps running. This may not seem like such a big deal, but if the test gets blocked (for whatever reason) your only option is to exit the app because you cannot perform any more tests.

The second tab allows the user to select between different measurement units (kbps, Mbps, kB/s) for the speed and to choose the history sort criteria. At the top there is a button to change the server for the test. Unfortunately, only a handful of servers that are located nearby are shown. You cannot perform a test with a server located on the other side of the planet.

Speed Test SettingsSelect server

The tests performed are stored in the Results History, located in the Results tab. The data shown includes the time, download and upload speeds and whether it was ran through WiFi or through the network carrier. Further information is available for each test if the user selects it. The history tab is the only place inside the app where the menu key gives any option. You may share or delete the history, both in bulk (all the tests) or one by one.

Speed Test History

Finally the About tab is just a picture of Ookla describing (in a fancy marketing manner) what the service is all about.



QR code Speed Test qrcode
name Speed Test
publisher Ookla
price free
advertising-supported no
version 1.7.4
size 478KB
developer contact contact (at) speedtest (dot) net

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Published on: 14 November 2010