SilentMode OnOff

SilentMode OnOff provides a simple widget that can control the ring tone with just a single tap. It’s basically a shortcut for Settings > Sound > Silent mode. It is part of a collection of widgets from CurveFish that can be installed separately. Other apps include GPS OnOff, WiFi OnOff, AutoSync OnOff, AutoRotate OnOff etc.

There is no app available in the list after installation. To activate the widget just long tap somewhere on the desktop, select widgets and then SilentMode OnOff. The widget only takes one small square of your desktop space. You can enter a label if you want to have a text displayed underneath the widget (just like an app shortcut).

SilentMode OnOff Widget

The widget has three states, on, vibrate and off.


QR code
name SilentMode OnOff
publisher CurveFish
price free
advertising-supported no
version 2.2.0
size 138KB
developer contact curvefish (at) gmail (dot) com

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Published on: 13 November 2010