Arcade fans will most likely prefer this title from Hexage. Robotek is a futuristic game with stunning graphics and special effects set in a world where machines have taken over the entire planet. It is up to you to battle every single mainframe node and regain control. Robotek is all about calculating risks and choosing your next action wisely. The battles are turn based and victory is achieved when the other robot mainframe is defeated. Every victory brings you access to that node.

If everything seems a little confusing don’t worry. There is a short tutorial that guides you through your first battle and makes sure you understand the basics. From there on it is up to you to pick your next battles and make sure you have enough energy to keep your current nodes online.

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Robotek also has a few role playing elements built in. As you fight your way your robot becomes stronger and you gain access to more abilities. Unfortunately, loosing a battle also means loosing energy which can lead up to loosing actual nodes. This greatly limits players from picking extremely strong nodes and hoping for a miracle.

The game is quite lengthy as you can see right from the start. There are many nodes to conquer and as you gain strength and rise up against robots with more hit points the battles tend to be longer.

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A nice title with spectacular graphics and overall great feeling. Although fun at first, there aren’t so many incentives to keep on playing.


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Reviewed Version 2.5.1
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 8.63 MB
Advertising None
Developer Hexage Ltd.

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Published on: 7 March 2012
Tags: action arcade games