Puzzle Retreat

For the puzzle lovers out there this is a new challenge. Puzzle retreat is a nice game about strategic moves in which you will place ice cubes on a board filled with holes and make sure all the cubes are used and no holes are left. The game is free and comes with 2 packs of 24 and 26 levels that will challenge your brain. For those that want more, there are 5 more packs you can by with 32 levels each.

The game concept is very simple. There are however special blocks that work differently but every time you come across a new type you will get a friendly in game tutorial that explains exactly what you need to do. The developers also made sure that every level has a Facebook post where players may comment and share ideas.

There is no time limit and no stars that are found in every game these days. All you need to do is to finish the level. The number of moves is irrelevant.

As far as the game design is concerned, the board has a nice and smooth wooden tone. There is no music playing in the background, just the blocks sliding into place. Overall the game quality seems good, no bugs or usability problems were found.

puzzle-retreat-1 puzzle-retreat-2 puzzle-retreat-3 puzzle-retreat-4 puzzle-retreat-5 puzzle-retreat-6


A nice puzzle game, simple rules, entertaining gameplay. Somehow we thought $ 0.99 for each of the additional 5 packs was a little too much.


QR Code puzzle-retreat-qr-code
Reviewed Version 1.8
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free + in app purchases
Size 15.71 MB
Advertising No
Developer The Voxel Agents
Published on: 8 April 2013
Tags: board games puzzle