Photoshop Express

Adobe brings this photo editing app to Android along with a few neat effects and features from the original Photoshop software. It can also be used to easily share photos with friends via your, Facebook and TwitPic accounts. So if you are really into editing photos on a phone screen and using your finger for precision, this app may be right for you.

The app’s dashboard consists of 2 tabs wich list the photos on your phone and those on your account. Navigation is fairly easy and smooth.

photoshop expressphotoshop express tabs

Edit mode

To reach the edit screen just select the photo on your phone and hit edit or the button on the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately the photos stored online cannot be edited.

photoshop express

There are 4 groups of tools available:

  1. Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Flip
  2. Exposure, Saturation, Tint, Black & White, Contrast, Brightness
  3. Soft Focus
  4. Effects, Borders

photoshop expressphotoshop expressphotoshop expressphotoshop expressphotoshop expressphotoshop express

Adobe created a great user interface, reducing to a minimum all the necessary toolbars, controls, sliders etc. and leaving maximum room for the photo. For example there are no sliders. To chose a contrast level you have to drag your finger from left to right (left meaning 0 and right maximum).


As mentioned above, there are 3 sharing services integrated in this app:, Facebook and TwitPic. For the former there is also an option to automatically upload all the pictures taken by the camera. This makes sure that even though you lose your phone, the photos are safe on your account.

photoshop express

The bad part is that you cannot download any pictures to your phone from (you can however set them ass wallpapers).


This app is clearly targeted for the basic user that doesn’t need advanced tools and would like only basic touches done.

QR code photoshop express qrcode
name Photoshop Express
publisher Adobe Systems
price free
advertising-supported no
version 1.3.1
size 1.29 MB
developer contact droidmkt (at) adobe (dot) com

Other resources

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Published on: 21 August 2011