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You may be familiar with the trial bike games around the web. MX Moto is part of this genre. The aim of the game is to correctly maneuver your bike (accelerate, brake, lean forward and back). in order to run a course and not fall over. The physics of the game are quite good and overall the game is simple and enjoyable. Over the traditional keyboard, the controls can be a little trickier to master, but once you get the hang of it it shouldn’t pose any problem.

Before we begin, here is a similar game on Miniclip: Trials 2. Learn it, play it and if you like it then consider MX Moto as your mobile alternative.

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The game graphics are good and offer a cartoon-style feel. There are some childish drawings of balloons or airplanes flying by. Anyway, the more important aspect here is the track design. Overall we were impressed to find that each track has its own original strategies, the bombs are situated at key points and all the other elements are placed with care and attention.

There are a total of 3 game modes you can choose from:

  • The normal mode features 19 tracks. If you crash anywhere on the track you have to go back to the starting line.
  • The same 19 tracks are found in the bomb mode. As the name says, there are bombs along the track in fixed positions, bombs which must be avoided.
  • The rally mode has another 14 tracks. The difference here is that there are checkpoints so if you have an accident you don’t have to go through all the track again.

A nice feature is the replay. After each successful track completion you can choose to watch a replay of your performance. This would be more suited if there were different angles available (in 3D) but it’s a nice thing to have nonetheless.

Not sure what the high scores are supposed to show. After entering a name the screen kept loading. So that is definitely a bug. Another thing we found annoying is when you get stuck on top of a peak like in the following screenshot. Most times you can balance yourself out of the uncomfortable situation but other times you have to either hit restart or end up hitting the ground.

screen7 screen8


Check out the Trials 2 game mentioned above. If you are still unsure then check out the free version of the app at

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Publisher Camel Games
Reviewed version 1.8.7
Size 2.7 MB
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Published on: 30 December 2011
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