Flow Free

Stepping away for a little from our traditional tower defense game reviews, here is a more common, day-to-day puzzle game that you can enjoy without thinking about complex strategies and be constrained by time: Flow Free. Although the title is not that suggestive, you will soon realize what kind of flow is needed. In a nutshell, you have a 2-dimensional matrix with colored dots, each dot having another pair somewhere on the board. Just connect each dot to it’s partner and that’s it! Sounds simple? Well, it ain’t!

There’s no more to say about playing the game. The rules are simple, the solution more or less. In terms of size, the game boasts more than 1000 boards so you can keep playing for hours.

The graphics are not amazing, but quite simple. No extra points for eye-candy here.

flow-free-1 flow-free-2 flow-free-4

One thing that was surprising is a nice twist to the gameplay called bridges. You can check these boards under the bridges pack. What this means is that you will have some bridges on the board that allow lines to cross each other at that point. This greatly increases the complexity of the solution so you will have to thing more thoroughly this time.

flow-free-5 flow-free-6 flow-free-7

In conclusion, Flow Free is a challenging puzzle game, with tons of content. Being able to finish a board in a few seconds is also an advantage for killing small lengths of time during your commute.

Published on: 17 November 2013
Tags: games puzzle