Fling a Thing

Fling a Thing is a cute game aimed for the younger (read children) audience. It’s a basic shooter that enables you to aim and throw a small creature that collects bubbles along the way. There are no complex upgrades or other economics involved. It’s just a simple game where you will have to reach a high score. So if you are a 12 year old riding the bus to school, this game might help you pass the time.

Fling a Thing is too commercial

Yes, we will start with this one, because it is very annoying. Let’s say we understand the banner at the top. But this app uses other dirty tricks: full screen advertising (not skippable for a few seconds), other app suggestions. We even installed Pretty Pet Salon to receive 1000 stars but somehow those got lost on their way.

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The game itself is a little above average. The idea is to collect as many bubbles using only a few shots because those are limited. There are a bunch of power ups that provide bonuses for your thing such as eggs, magnets or extra shots. This way you get to collect bubbles easier, especially when they get scattered around.

One problem is the slingshot mechanism used to aim the thing. It’s quite similar to Angry Birds: you need to hold and drag in the opposite direction to build momentum. This does not work well when you have the thing on the edge of the screen and there is no more space left to drag your finger to.

Apart from the bubbles you collect, there are also stars that pop up from time to time. These are the game currency and can be used to unlock new things, worlds and upgrade power ups. You can also choose to buy stars or install other apps to earn them for free.

Overall there are not enough incentives to keep playing on and on, which greatly reduce the game’s lifespan. There are 2 more worlds available that can be unlocked using stars and also more creatures to fling.


Although cute at first, there isn’t too much going on with this game. Unless you have less than 12 years, don’t bother downloading it. And why on earth is the app 45 MB? If you must, check your data plan limit before downloading it.


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Reviewed version 1.0
Size 45 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Big Blue Bubble
Published on: 19 January 2012
Tags: games