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One of the best things about the Android OS is the openness to 3rd party software. Google made efforts together with Adobe to bring the power of the Flash Player to Android and enable the users to surf countless websites built using this popular technology.

This is not quite a normal app for Android but more of a plugin for the browser that enables all Flash content to be viewable on the device. Currently only Android 2.2 (Froyo) supports this player.

Even if you can view Flash content, it is far from the desktop experience we are accustomed to. First, it is difficult to click on something (tap it) using your finger. YouTube videos, although running pretty fine on a Nexus One, have a sluggish feel when scrolling the HTML page or clicking the video controls.

YouTube flash video

The battery life is extremely reduced when rendering Flash. This can also be felt on the device which gets very hot compared to the usual temperature.

To sum everything up, it is a great thing to have Flash Player on a mobile device because it gives you access to a lot of content (most websites built using Flash do not offer a HTML equivalent). But the greatness ends here. It is slow even on high end devices such as the Nexus One, drains battery and it is very hard to interact with.


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name Flash Player
publisher Adobe Systems
price free
advertising-supported no
size 3.87MB

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Published on: 10 November 2010