Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy is an economics game, where you manage a small farm with livestock and production facilities, all gathered neatly on a small smartphone screen. It’s easy to learn and also fun to watch your animals grow along with your money and score. Though the graphics are cartoonish and a little pixelated, the gameplay will keep you hooked and entertained for sure.

The basics

First of all you are the farmer who has to manage his small business by buying, feeding and taking care of 5 different kinds of animals. You challenges will be to know when to buy more animals or upgrade buildings or sell your goods.


Above you can see the main screen that shows your farm. In the top left corner there are the 5 possible animals you can buy and their prices. Once an animal is bought, it will immediately be dropped in onto the farm and begin producing goods. Speaking of products, only the duck, sheep and cow will give you tangible goods while the cat and dog have other uses. A cat will pick up products created by other animals or buildings (without cats, you will have to tap all the products on the screen to store them in your warehouse). The dog will scare any bears that dare to trespass on your farm.

If all this seems difficult don’t worry. The game will start off with only a few animals and buildings and explain what each of them are and can be used for.

We are not going to go further in explaining all the different products and buildings because you will easily learn those by playing the game.

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Tips and tricks

This time there is simply too little information to make this section a different article on Android Target so we will cram all tips and tricks for Farm Frenzy here.

  • Remember that you can also sell animals (click the warehouse then the animals tab). There are some quests where you start with some animals but no grass and no money. Instead of waiting for them to starve to death, the right thing to do is sell them immediately. Also, when you are rolling with large amounts of cash it is no longer necessary to keep ducks or even sheep. Go with the largest: the cows.
  • Your objectives don’t need to be all reached at the same time. For example if you need t have 10K cash and 5 ducks then you can wait to reach 10K and then buy all the ducks you need even if you end up with less than 10K.
  • A fully upgraded well will automatically water the ground. One thing less to worry about.
  • Watch for shadows appearing on the ground. If you haven’t bought any animals then those shadows signal the approaching bears. Be ready to cage them before your animals get eaten.


We were a little disappointed with the controls. The application seems to be built for an earlier generation of smartphones: apart from tapping the screen there are no other gestures (swipe) available. For example on the quest path screen you would expect to drag the ground to see more land, not to tap the up/down/left/right arrows.

There is also a nagging message when starting the application which asks if you would like to enable the sound. Why couldn’t this setting be saved and kept this way?


We would like to recommend Farm Frenzy to anyone who loves management/economic games. If you get hooked the game will probably take away entire hours of your time.

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Published on: 18 December 2011
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