Do it (Tomorrow)

Do it Tomorrow is a simple to-do list with a clean and intuitive interface. You can add different tasks for either today or tomorrow and mark them when you’re done. So instead of sticking post-its around the house, why not use this App and keep them with you at all time?

So basically there are 2 lists of tasks, one for today and one for tomorrow. Of course, when you wake up the next day, all tomorrow’s tasks have been moved to today. And those that were not completed and were under today still remain there. It’s a very logical flow.

screen13 screen14 screen15 screen16

All the common actions are easily available: edit, mark as done, move from today to tomorrow (and vice versa), reorder. The graphics are very nice (notice the coffee mark on the second page) and there is also a handwriting font (enabled by default) but which is not very readable. Sounds can also be enabled, but after a few minutes they become annoying and it’s better to disable them.

A nice feature is the sync. Using only an email address and a password you cans sync your tasks on multiple devices. And there is no need to confirm any email. It just works. If you want to try it just go to and enter the same email/password to see your tasks on the computer.


Oh, and another thing: there are versions for the iPhone and iPad too and you can sync with those devices as well.


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name Do it (Tomorrow)
publisher Adylitica, Inc.
price free
advertising-supported no
version 1.0.2
size 1.4 MB
developer contact android (at) adylitica (dot) com

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Published on: 29 August 2011