Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported ( is an established electronic and dance music Internet radio founded in 1999. The service is free (with advertisements) at an acceptable bitrate. A paid version starting at $4.99/month is also available which offers higher quality and no ads.

The DI Android app is a decent mobile version of the website; it offers all the radio stations available on the web and some great customization options such as choosing the bitrate to automatically adjust over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Before reading on, make sure you like the music. There are no other radio stations except those that you can find on

The free Digitally Imported experience

Let’s first have a look over the features you have with the basic installation of the app.

The main screen offers the list of stations (not that we were expecting anything else here). Styles lets you browse within the categories while All Channels simply lists them all.

screen2 screen3 screen4 screen6 screen7

The player screen offers basic information about the current radio station. The last songs are displayed but besides selecting and copying the text there is no other thing to do with this info. A search on YouTube would have been nice here. However, the most important section is the bar at the bottom which shows the current quality, the traffic generated and the playing time. A tap on this bar also shows the Wi-Fi / 3G data usage. This is awesome in case you have a limited data plan on 3G.

screen1 screen9 screen5

From the menu you have access to the list of shows available throughout the DI radio stations with information about content, show times and corresponding stations.


The overall feeling is that of a quality app. For example, if you switch between 3G and Wi-Fi  the radio keeps playing with no interruptions (only if the same quality is selected for both connections). Also if you login/logout of the premium service the radio still keeps on playing.

The paid Digitally Imported experience

If you get the subscription from Digitally Imported then you can use the same credentials to login through the app. Once you have activated the premium version, the top advertisement is removed and the settings screen gives you access to high quality streams.

screen11 screen8

In the end it is up to you if you think that the higher quality is worth the money or not.

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Publisher AudioAddict Inc
Reviewed version 0.9.17
Size 2.7 MB
Price Free

Other information

Here you can find a quality comparison between standard and premium. It seems that the premium subscription also offers access tot SKY.FM. They also state that multiple simultaneous connections are terminated after 1 minute but we managed to keep both the mobile app and a laptop streaming 2 premium stations at the same time for well over a minute.

Published on: 30 December 2011
Tags: music radio