DroidHen brings a new and exciting game with a simple name: Defender. It’s a 2D shooter where you need to defend your fort against enemy units. Think of it as a tower defense game where you control one tower. Great graphics, a multitude of levels and a nice upgrade system will get any player addicted. The game is completely free, but for those of you who need to buy their way up and purchase new upgrades cash is always welcome.

The basics

The player controls a crossbow with unlimited bolts available. Using just one finger, the bow can be oriented into that direction and automatically shoot down approaching enemies. Although simple at first, the levels get harder and harder with more and more monsters coming in waves. Apart from the simple crossbow, there are also 3 types of spells that can be used to kill the monsters: fire, ice and lightning. Those cost mana which is limited and recovers slowly, but are very effective.


After each level the player you are taken to the skill stats where you may upgrade your spells, switch your bow and equip the needed spell. Note that during playtime you can only use one fire spell, one ice spell and one lightning spell.


Game structure

The game gets harder and harder through the levels. Each 10th level has a boss monster. The trick is that even though you can be defeated, the level can be replayed but you still keep the money earned. This means that you can keep playing (and loosing) that level until you have enough money to upgrade and thus have an advantage.


Additional bows are given from time to time that can be equipped and add certain bonuses to your skill levels.


Defender is a great game, with awesome graphics and a well thought skill tree. It does offer the option to buy additional in game currency to help you out and does bug you from time to time to try other apps or rate the game, but it is not very intrusive so if you want to play for free there is nothing stopping you.



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name Defender
publisher DroidHen
price free
advertising-supported yes
version 1.07
size 10 MB
developer contact mobilehkcn (at) gmail (dot) com

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Published on: 20 November 2011
Tags: defender games