Death Worm

Here is an entertaining game where the player is actually the bad guy. Death Worm is where you become a huge earth worm and your sole purpose in your very short life is to eat, kill and destroy everything that those humans throw at you. Although apparently easy and straight-forward, the game has diversity of game types, enemies, upgrades and achievements.


This is a 2D game where the player controls the direction/speed of the worm using a joystick and other buttons for upgrades and power-ups. Every game/environment has an underground level where you can go wherever you like (but which is mainly empty) and a ground and air level where the enemies gather around. Your worm can jump into the air if given enough momentum and here it can eat everything in its path but also become a target.


First of all, there are 3 main game modes:

  • campaign
  • survival
  • mini games


In the campaign there are 3 stages: Desert Warfare, Worm And The City and Jungle Fever. Apart from the environment and the number and type of enemies, they are the same.


Survival mode is an endless game where you basically only have to survive and obtain the highest score (destroying different enemies yields different points).

Mini games are 2 additional game types. One is a stage where there are only airborne enemies that cannot be reached by jumping (and there is no nitro power-up) so the only way left is to smash crates into them. Which is pretty hard. The second one is an endless horizontal stage where you keep going right, jumping in the air and avoiding rocks underground. Gameplay-wise, this one is very different than the rest.

Game goodies

To make the game more interesting apart from jumping and eating people, you also have to deal with other problems/benefits.

There are 2 types of power-ups: fireball and nitro. Fireball shoots a ball of flames in one direction; its main use is to shoot down airplanes but can also be used from deep underground. Nitro increases the worm’s speed for a a few seconds and this allows it to jump very high and reach even cargo planes.

The worm can also benefit from upgrades: the size, speed, strength, nitro duration and fireball level can be increased.


A nice touch are achievements which add a little more to the motivation. There are only a few of them and are given for completing a campaign or destroying X amount of enemies.


A great feature is the ability to save the game whenever you want. On top of that, you can resume the game at the exact level you were destroyed.



One particular problem I’ve had on my Nexus One was that the screen would turn off after a while if I only used the joystick, just like it would if the phone was idle. This was quite inconvenient.


A great game but could really use more stages to increase the total play time. Graphics are not spectacular but are very good. There is also a free version of the game available in the Android Market so if you aren’t convinced yet, try that one out.


QR code qrcode
name Death Worm
publisher PlayCreek LLC
price 2.99 USD
advertising-supported no
version 1.08
size 14 MB
developer contact support (at) playcreek (dot) com

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Published on: 1 September 2011