Cube of Atlantis (Free)

If you are looking for a fast puzzle game, Cube of Atlantis is something you might try. This is a game where you have a 3D cube that you can rotate around and light up its sides in different colors. There are 20 levels in the free version and 50 in the paid one in which you need to come up with the correct pattern of actions in order to solve the puzzle. The hints are scarce and the game tends to be quite challenging because of this. So don’t get fooled by the first easy levels.

Whenever you feel like it, you can try the hints available. However, the hints are not straightforward and will not spoil the game. So you are pretty much on your own.

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The saddest part is a bug that – according to the comments on the app itself – does occur frequently. Basically you are playing this game and all of a sudden everything freezes. And we do mean everything. Good luck taking out the battery to power down the device.

If you are looking for the walkthrough of Cube of Atlantis, you can find the solutions for the first 20 levels (the free version) here:


What could have been a good puzzle game is ruined by the freezing bug. This in unacceptable. Any app that requires you to pull out the battery from the device in order to restart it is ridiculous. Until the developers fix this problem we recommend you ignore this game. And don’t waste money on the paid version either.


QR Code qrcode-cube-of-atlantis
Reviewed Version 1.1.4
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 4.9 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Danger Monkeys
Published on: 12 March 2012
Tags: games puzzle