CJ: Strike Back

CJ: Strike Back is a type of platform game where the player needs to jump across buildings in order to avoid enemies along the way. It is an improvement from the previous app, also released by DroidHen, the City Jump. Being free and extremely easy to learn are two of the reasons to take it into consideration whenever you are bored and looking for an easy distraction.


The player controls the superhero which runs upwards on the walls, either on the right or on the left. Simply tapping the screen will make him jump across to the other side. Basically the challenge is timing the precise moment to jump so you can avoid obstacles. The game gets progressively harder because of the number and speed of your alien enemies.

While jumping you are invulnerable to any enemies or projectiles you hit. Hitting the same type of enemy three times in a row will give you a nice bonus: you become invincible and start dancing around wrecking everything.


There are three enemy types which you will recognize immediately after a few games. Each has its own magic trick (e.g. one fires blue balls). There are also spikes on the wall (obviously, try to avoid them) and big alien spaceships (bosses).

A leaderboard is available for the competitive players showing local, last 24 hours and all time high scores. Apart from the ads which do not appear while playing, just inside the menus, there are some pop-ups promoting other games from time to time.



It’s a free app, it has an extremely steep learning curve and it is suited for all ages. There are also many similar apps such as City Jump or NinJump.


QR code qrcode
name CJ: Strike Back
publisher DroidHen
price free
advertising-supported yes
version 1.0.5
size 6.71 MB
developer contact mobilehzcn (at) gmail (dot) com

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Published on: 3 September 2011