Bridge Architect Beta

Bridge Architect Beta is another bridge building game where your engineering skills will be put to the test in an attempt to design a solid structure that will allow passage with minimum costs. Being Beta (or at least having this word in the name) does indicate an unpolished game that is still in development. Although some aspects can clearly use some additional development, all in all this is a working app with a decent amount of fun included. So if you can get past the roughness, you should be fine.

Regarding size, Bridge Architect Beta has 19 available levels, each with a different difficulty, style, building materials and strategies. The design screen has a blueprint layout that is not very user-friendly, but does the job. For example you can hardly tell the difference between a simple steel cable and a reinforced steel cable. A more graphical layout would have been more appropriate (or at least a few more colors).

The menu and the transitions between screens are really slow and the unresponsiveness is annoying. For instance when exiting the level you hit back and nothing happens. You hit back again only to be taken out of the entire app.

bridge-architect-beta-2 bridge-architect-beta-5 bridge-architect-beta-1 bridge-architect-beta-3 bridge-architect-beta-4 bridge-architect-beta-6 bridge-architect-beta-7 bridge-architect-beta-8 bridge-architect-beta-9

There is a useful (at least it aims to be) option to copy the saved games to the SD card but somehow a few of our bridges did not make it and got lost along the way. So do not use that if you are just curious.


The game is not really polished and lacks the quality of other apps on the Android market. We would prefer X Construction in the bridge building category.


QR Code qrcode-bridge-architect
Reviewed Version 1.0.9
Size 17.94 MB
Price Free
Advertising Yes
Developer ReActivE
Published on: 26 March 2012
Tags: bridge builder games puzzle