The play store is filled with similar games so it’s no wonder we end up reviewing an app and having a déjà vu. BraveSmart is a puzzle game where you need to connect at least 3 adjacent resources to form one of greater importance. Scotsmen will wonder around leaving resources you can use to build up your houses, sheep and cows will block your way and useful tools will help you clear out any mistakes. Sounds familiar? Then take a look at Tiny Town, the similar game from Spry Fox LLC.

The game features 4 stages (Lowlands, Animal Party, Highlands and Highland Rumble). Each stage contains 12 levels where the goal is usually to erect a certain type of structure.

brave-smart-1 brave-smart-2 brave-smart-3

Unlike Triple Town, BraveSmart has hexagon shaped areas so you can use 6 adjacent spaces instead of just 4. This does sound easy, but it also means that the Scotsmen  and animals will have more space to wonder around.

brave-smart-4 brave-smart-5 brave-smart-6 brave-smart-7


BraveSmart is a nice puzzle game, it’s very easy to learn and somewhat harder to master. If you liked Triple Town, you will like BraveSmart.


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Reviewed Version 2.2.0
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 36 MB
Advertising No
Developer flaregames


Published on: 20 October 2012
Tags: games puzzle