Blast Monkeys

Blast Monkeys is an addictive shooter game, similar with the famous Angry Birds, but with more complex items that interact with each other. The point of the game is to shoot your animal into the banana pile suggestively named “Goal”. Unlike Angry Birds, there is no aiming needed, just the precise timing of your taps. There are lots of different and interesting objects to play with as the game progresses  so you will always be engaged and surprised.

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There are 9 different worlds in the current version, each world having 25 basic levels, plus another 5 that are only unlocked once you reach a certain score for that particular world. An important aspect to note here is that many levels are quite easy to complete because the GOAL Bananas are right under your nose. The real challenge is picking all 3 small bananas that lie spread out in key areas. Collecting these small bananas will unlock the 5 expert levels. Moreover, each time you collect all 3 bananas in a level you earn 15 MokiCoins. These represent another currency that will be used to unlock new worlds.

The levels do get harder and more complicated as the game progresses but overall the difficulty level is below average. We were never short on MokiCoins to unlock the next world. Just to make a small calculation, each world costs 300 MokiCoins to unlock and has the potential to produce 25 x 15 = 375 MokiCoins.

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The game is quite enjoyable with lots of different objects that you will need to make use of in order to collect all the bananas and finish the level. Just to name a few, there are static canons, spinning canons, birds, spikes, bubbles, ice cubes, teleportation spheres, lasers, destroyable rocks and many others.

One thing that was probably a little annoying is the moving objects’ timings. For example take a spinning canon and a laser beam. Each has it’s own spinning speed and activation schedule which don’t normally coincide so you are forced to wait for the canon to spin many times in order to get that perfect opportunity to shoot.

Overall the level designs are very creative and interesting but also straight forward. The path is pretty much obvious in most cases so there is a linear gameplay without any alternate routes.

The graphics are good, but they could use some improvements to reach the quality found in Angry Birds or Cut the rope. The sounds are also not the best choice.


If you are an Angry Birds fan, you will like Blast Monkeys too. The app is also available in Apple’s App Store for the iPhone/iPad users at


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Reviewed Version 2.5
Size 4.2 MB
Price Free
Advertising Yes
Developer YoBonja

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Published on: 6 February 2012
Tags: games shooter