Apparatus is a great physics puzzle game in which you must place certain blocks in whatever combination you wish in order to get some balls in their box. Although it has simple rules, Apparatus is quite a difficult game that will test your creativity. Each level has a unique configuration made by immutable blocks and a limited number of objects for you to play with.

Although the game has a 3D perspective, all the physics will stay inside a 2D environment so there is no chance the objects will fly out of the screen. Apart from the eye-candy effect, the 3 dimensional feeling has no other impacts on the gameplay.

The whole game has 44 levels grouped in the Main Challenges section and 10 more in the Christmas level pack. Inside each level pack you are able to play all the previously completed levels plus the next three. So if you are stuck you can try your luck on another two.

screen1 screen2 screen4 screen5

The interface is quite plain and simple. There are some elements that can be moved, rotated and nailed together and others that are static. It is up to you to create the necessary contraption that will get the blue ball to the safety of its box. We recommend that you watch the tutorial on YouTube (that is also linked from within the game itself). This will also give you an idea of what the game is capable of.

But the real power of this game lies in the level editor. That’s right, you can build everything you want using all the pieces available. On top of that, you can share your apparatuses with the world and get to see what others have built. Just check out this level named Apollo 4 and you will be amazed (more complex apparatuses require a faster smartphone so be ready for a low frame rate):



Apparatus is a great game for puzzle fans. It is quite difficult compared to others on the Android Market. For best experience we would recommend a large screen (a tablet screen) so you don’t have to keep zooming and scrolling. More important than the game itself is the apparatus editor and the possibility to interact with other players.

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Reviewed version 1.1
Size 9.6 MB
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Published on: 20 December 2011
Tags: Apparatus games puzzle