Angry Piggy (Adventure)

What do one pig, one chicken and one cow have in common? Not much, but those three are the starring characters in Angry Piggy, a platform puzzle game for Android. Using each of them you will need to jump from platform to platform, move rocks, push buttons and switches and also collect all the colored drops along the way. The levels start off easy but get extremely challenging down the road. The graphics and tunes are pretty sweet too.

The story goes that Avelon, the hometown of the 3 main characters is attacked by some evil monsters that steal away all the city’s colors. It is up to you to get them back.

There is a tutorial with 8 levels followed by 4 islands, each with an additional 12 levels. In each level you have to reach the end with all your animals all at once and also collect all 3 drops. This makes the game average in length.

angry-piggy-adventure-1 angry-piggy-adventure-2 angry-piggy-adventure-3 angry-piggy-adventure-4

Each of your characters has a set of unique abilities. The cow is the tallest and strongest. It is useful for pushing large rocks or as a platform for the others to jump on. The pig is smaller but has the highest jump and the chicken is the smallest and can fit into tight spaces.

angry-piggy-adventure-5 angry-piggy-adventure-6

Don’t be fooled by the easy first few levels. Things will start to get very complicated soon enough regardless of the level’s relatively small area. You need to take into consideration all the switches and buttons available and where you need to place every animal. Sometimes dropping a boulder into oblivion will force you to replay the entire level so be careful. There are no useless switches or rocks lying around so if you see one, you will need it. The game is not oriented towards fast actions but there are a few situations where you do need to act fast in order to catch a rolling rock for example. Overall the levels are brilliantly designed and push the player’s creativity to new limits.

The controls are simple: go left, go right, jump and switch the character. We did find some problems when the animal kept going in a direction even after releasing the button and that can cause serious problems.


This is a nice puzzle game combined with the classic platform (e.g. Mario). Take into consideration that you need a device that fully supports multi touch. At times you have to run and jump simultaneously and it can be a pain to fail because of the bad input from the screen.


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Reviewed Version 1.2.2
Price Free
Size 9 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer MPC Games

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Published on: 11 February 2012
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