Defender II strategy guide

We already reviewed the first Defender game by DroidHen quite some time ago. Defender II is an update more than a stand alone game so we won’t be doing a review just for that, but we will analyze some new strategies. The game is pretty much the same in terms of gameplay. The most changes can be found in the skill tree which will impact the way you play more than anything. A new game mode is also available: it’s supposed to be a multiplayer but don’t get your hopes up just yet. And do read our review of the original Defender before continuing reading.

Short introduction

As previously stated, this game is more of an update to the original then a brand new title. The first major change is the new battle mode where you will play a normal game (but without a time limit). In the top right corner there is a mini map of another player’s progress. You both get the same enemy waves so it’s a fair challenge. The obvious goal is to survive longer than your opponent.

The second improvement is the skills. Those are now grouped in different tabs. The bow skills and the 3 elemental spells are still available and have only slight differences. But there are new skills regarding the city wall. You can choose to get some help from the towers in the form of automatic shots and even dig a lava moat next to your wall. The bows have also gotten a bit more organized and are either free or available for purchase.

Another addition to the game is the player levels. After each game you will gain experience points that add up and eventually lead to an increase in your level. The level provides access to improved bows.

defender-ii-1 defender-ii-2 defender-ii-3 defender-ii-4 defender-ii-5 defender-ii-6 defender-ii-7

Tips and tricks

  • When you have finished off the last monsters and still have enough mana to cast spells then do it! Your mana will be wasted nonetheless but at least you will increase your Fire/Ice/Lightning masteries faster.
  • Time tip: after finishing a stage hit the back button to skip all the incrementing stats. Yes you only gain a few seconds, but after 100 stages you want to skip as much as possible.
  • Try to play local as much as possible and use battle mode when you are stuck and need more money to improve your skills. A victory in local mode brings in 2 crystals compared to just 1 in a multiplayer battle.
  • Don’t buy any bows except the Final Fantasy or Hurricane/Phantom Lv.9. Why? Because once you reach a new level and the bow becomes obsolete you cannot sell it or use it in any other way. So it is money/crystals wasted.
  • Watch for catapults and deal with them immediately. They do a ton of damage if given enough time to setup.
  • Read our original tips for the Defender game. Since Defender 2 is more of an update than a brand new title, all those tips still apply.


Defender 2 is a more polished version of the first game and it really balances things out. If you haven’t played Defender then just jump right to this second Game which provides more skills and is a little more fun to play.


QR Code qrcode-defender-2
Reviewed Version 1.0.3
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 11 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer DroidHen

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  • How or when does the Final fantasy bow upgrade? Managed to get the bow, without bying, on exp. lv. 25, and it’s not any better than the Phantom lv. 5. Are now at exp. lv 28 and it has still not upgraded.

    • It upgrades every 5 levels. Eventually it will surpass Phantom Lv 9. I haven’t bought it yet, but this is what others told me.

    • Final fantasy bow isn’t better than phantom lvl 9 bow until you reach level 55.
      i think i got mine when i was about level 30 or 35.

      when playing battle mode, half the opponents i play against suddenly stop firing their bow, and hence lose. sometimes even tho they aren’t firing they still cast spells though.
      anyone else noticed this?
      whats going on here.. have they lost connection to server, or is it just a glitch on my screen and they are still actually firing on theirs?
      i’ve gotten a fair few wins this way.. and it’s not all that satisfying.

      • The battle server just records previous attempts by other people. For instance, if I play against someone today and get to 5 minutes, you may play tomorrow and get matched with my recorded game.
        Have you ever beat someone and then just stopped playing? You may beat your opponent with a time of 3 minutes, but later, someone will play against your recorded game, in which it would look like you just stopped shooting.

    • well when every thing is on max you will still see extra numbers at the top of the icon which add to the max ability

  • A few notes:

    Health and mana max out at 300. Strength at 99, agility at 30, all spells at L9. Magic Tower at L2, moat at L9, magic power and entangling lava at L99.

    If you don’t finish a level on local with 75%+ health, cancel it and start over. You keep the XP and money, but need to make sure you get full crystals from every level.

    Don’t bother with battle until you have the final bow and all your bow skills are maxed. Auto-match is broken, and you’ll never see people your own power. On the flip side, I think most higher level people are bots – I’m at local 400 or so, with most of what I use maxed out, and virtually every single player I get matched against stops firing their bow and “glitches out” between 3:16 and 3:20 or so. They all have korean and chinese characters for names…correlation?

    • as far as i can tell there’s no difference in defender II with what crystals you get each victory (as there was in defender I). it’s 2 for regular level and 3 for boss level.. correct?

      even the occasional opponent with western name seems to drop out. every now n then i get a match that goes to 5mins.. but the end result is the same, win by glitch. sometimes it’s at 2mins.. sometimes 4mins. it’s ok at the beginning.. for some easy assistance.. but then gets a bit annoying when i actually wouldn’t mind a challenge.
      i reckon i get matched with a few ppl that would be close.. tho i haven’t seen anyone else firing 5 arrows yet.

      moat level 9… thats a lot of crystals.. haha.

      • Coming from someone who has played Lineage 2 and other games with a lot of Asian players, names like “Sky” and “Moon” and “Fall” and “Grass” don’t necessarily connote an English-speaking player.

        My IGN is Shelix. I’ve yet to run into a “Randy69” or “urpwned” or anything that I’d be expecting to see to signify a real name.

    • my strength is currently at lvl 103………idk what is goin on but i got almost everthing else w/ coins maxed out at appropriate numbers

    • Actually I have 310mana and can still upgrade… the level caps move higher once you reach a certain level(I am level 69 and notice the ability to level up more at about 60) also my strength level is currently 112 excluding my bonuses from Final Fantasy bow. With those its almost 130.. I am also on Stage 670ish

  • I have a problem. When I play battle mode, I get disconnected back to the main menu. Sometimes a battle lasts for 2 minutes, sometimes 50 seconds and then suddenly I’m back where I started. I also get a loss to the “win/loses” stats. Why is this happening?

    • it may be because of another program, for instance battery saver, that adjusts settings and thus the game thinks your cheating and removes you from current game. this has happened to me a few times and always when my cpu speed was being adjusted during game. hope this helps.

  • There are few corrections that i would like to add to the comments above. I am currently nearing lvl 500 in local and at lvl 68 in terms of experience. I have won more than 300 battles till now.

    Actually, the max lvl for lava moat is just 3 and for the magic tower is 2. The crystal you earn from local is 2 per lvl and 3 for bosses lvl regardless of your remaining hp. Experience and gold still provided, but lesser, if you fail to complete the level, so there’s no need to press return to main menu. Just let thr monsters destroy your wall if it’s too hard to handle.

    The glitches or the sudden stop of firing arrows are due to the nature of the battle system in which your opponents game are prerecorded and matched with yours when you are entering into battle mode.

    You would see that although sometimes when your opponent has stop firing, he would still continue to cast magic spell. This is because he has already won his own prerecorded battle, thus while waiting for the monsters to destroy his wall, he would cast spells to increase his mastery of spells.

    He would never continue to shoot his arrows because the main point in battle which i believe is to earn quick crystals when the local game is getting harder. Thus when i saw that i have overcome my opponent, i would do the same as well and just cast spell while waiting for my hp to drop and nothing else. Some might not even bother to cast spells.

    Ever since i have maxed out my bow skills, i have won more than 200 battles and just lost less than 5 times. I can usually last for at least 6 minutes in battle and my personal best is 6:41 minutes. I am still trying to break this record though.

    Is anyone out there that does better than this? Really love to hear from you guys and share your experience.

    • i’m upto stage 562 local, level 82. pb is 7:28.. altho i haven’t tried to beat that in a while cos usually just give up when i’ve won.

      but now that i know about this pre-recorded system.. i might have to make sure i don’t give other ppl easy wins. muahaha

    • wat ur saying is correct but my personal best is 7.46 beat that!!!!!!! i cant wait to face you ………our name is john jeton …..rember that

      • challenge accepted!
        my in game name is “mad”.. not steve. heh. but yeh thats pretty funny if you have.
        can’t remember if i’ve faced make 7:46 you’d have to be firing 5 arrows.. i still don’t think i’ve faced another person firing 5 yet.
        if we play against recorded games.. does that mean we could potentially battle ourselves?!
        i don’t find it as satisfying knowing that i’m playing against a recording who might just give up.. perhaps there’s not enough live players or something.

        • dont have 5 arrows the max multiple arrows is 4 with 70% damage, i dont rember beating mad before but i am lookingforward to it bring it on

          • not true. max arrows is 5 when you have multi arrows level 9 and you get to level 70 or 75 (i forget which) with FF bow. after that FF bow just adds 3str each 5 levels (at level 85, the stats are 24/9/4/5/4)

          • You can go higher around level 60 I am level 69 shooting 5 arrows at either 77% or 79% damage

        • I manage to get my phantom bow to shoot 5 arrows, after getting the phantom bow lvl 9 and multiple attack skill lvl 11. However, it seems that they are a lot of players out there with bow that shoot only 3 arrows and i can’t win them. My frost and fire magic is on the mid range side and i think that may be the reason why i lose.

          Anyway, would you know how i can get the frost spike to spread across the battlefield, mine seem to concentrate only in one small area? The same goes for my fire magic. I have already obtain gracial spike lvl 5, frost nova lvl 7 and ice age lvl 5.

          • Do not buy any bow except Final Fantasy. Others are a waste of coins/crystals.
            Only Ragnarck Ice Age and Armageddon affect the whole screen. The others are have a limited area.

          • Yuri, the one you are looking for is Ice Age, which you already have it. You just forgot to change the magic list. On the menu right before you enter a game, just tap on the magic skills you have and they will show select down list. Choose the latest skill that you want.

  • Is there any way tht I can farm money fast, I already got ff bow, by using farm mana stone, I didnt understand tht, must not finish the when hp below 75% can some one explain to me

    • There is no shortcut to farm money, only fast way to farm crystal, which is through battle mode where you are entitled to a crystal for every battle won.

      You will still earn money regardless which mode you play, whether local or battle, by killing those monsters and you will earn a bonus at the end of a game for both mode. The amount of bonus received, however, does depends on your remaining hp and your current level progress for local mode.

      This is because as you progress to a higher level, there will be more monsters to be dealt with and the more monsters you kill, the higher will be the bonus. Hp does play a role in determining your total amount of money bonus but to a very low extent following my analysis. Moreover, it does not matter because as you keep kiling monsters, you will increase your mastery of killing monsters and your gold rate per kill will increase in later stages.

      As for the guidance of not ending a game if your hp is below 75%, i think it is not necessary to do so as 2 crystals are still awarded for every level completed and 3 per bosses level regardless of remaining hp as i have stated in my previous comment above.

      The rule is rather applicable for Defender I in which 2 crystals are awarded for a level completed with remaining hp of 30% and above while for those failing to do so, will only be awarded 1 crystal.

      So do not waste the time of retrying every level as all you need to do is keep killing monsters. Collect as much crystals as you could and use them wisely as they would be needed in huge amount if you want to progress far in your local mode.

    • For final fantasy bow, it is not advisable to be bought and used if you are still at low level of experience. This is because the attributes of your ff bow will increase for every 5 levels of exp that you reach and these attributes will never surpass the attributes of other bows such as hurricane and phantom until you reach exp level 55.

      Perhaps the better way is you use gold to buy hurricane bow until level 40 before you turn to phantom bow upon reaching lvl 45. As you reach level 55, then only get the ff as this is when the attributes will surpass those of lvl 45 phantom bow.

      But since you have bought the ff bow, you may continue to use it as long as you manage to overcome the levels with ease.

      Good luck to you!

  • has anyone lost to someone in battle mode where that person hasnt even shot 1 arrow? the lv2 magic tower with decent damage and splash along with the lava moat was able to out last me and (i have a 85% winning rate) i would like to know if anyone has a guide to use that strategy from square one. thanks in advance

  • 1 2 or 3 question, now im in lvl 35, both critical and knockback is max and my strg if not mistaken is lvl 75, and multiple arrow is lvl 5 or 6, I have 91 stone, should I upgrade my mana (200) or upgrade ice or armageddon, and what lvl does multiple arrow max ? Or should I buy bow ?

    • Correction I have a defaultly Multi Arrow level of 14 if I’m not mistaken it maxes at 9 until you reach level 60-65ish then moves up to a higher cap(I have not found the new cap yet my next multi arrow level costs 445000coins)

  • I’m up to L75. Stage 454 in local, 363 wins in battle vs 100 losses. The 100 losses were mostly early in the game before I had gotten remotely close to maxing anything, and kept getting matched up against people far beyond my own level.

    Having a three shot bow and no moat, and being matched against someone with a 5 shot bow and two levels of moat is no joke.

    I’ve maxed out all skills except for crystal regen; I keep a stockpile of crystals handy hoping to run into someone in a battle that can keep up with me, but alas – I can run 7:30 consistently, and have yet to battle anyone who goes beyond 5 minutes. Spending a crystal or two to bump up my mana, I’m sure I could hit the 9 minute mark.

    I’ve got 257 crystals; I’ve been saving for days and days to get L3 Lava moat. 33 more to go! I didn’t know that you didn’t need 75% health or more on local, which is why I’m only on L454. The boss fights on 450, 440, etc have been pretty brutal in taking me below 75%, and I keep retrying it until I can pass with 75% or more. ^^ No more!

    • i don’t think 75% or less makes a dif. it’s 3 crystals regardless of how much life you finish with.

      yes getting that 290 for L3 moat was a pain!

      i didn’t notice any difference getting level 1 crystal regen i would have thought 10% faster regen would have cut a few seconds off the recharge time for getting 125 back but from my measuring it has not.

  • Ah, one more note: I’d wait to try battle until you’re pimped out. Get as far as you can in local before trying it. The matching system has no concept of “fair” matching, so it’s better to be on the powerful side owning noobs than vice versus.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, I’ve seen people with tons of mana and using high level spells and they don’t do much better than I do if at all. On the other hand I’ve seen people with two or three Lava Moats and they stomp me while barely putting in any effort.

      I’m level 33 with the Final Fantasy, Mana at 200, Frost Nova and Meteor at Lvl1, and I have 71 crystal. Should I go for Armageddon or save up for the 2nd Lava Moat?

  • I am at level 95, I have 5 arrows, I am 381 – 0. My personal best is 12:38. Come and get me my name is Tets. Max everything, never play local as I find it boring, but this prerecorded stuff is bs… I have never seen anyone get past 5:40 against me. If you have beat me it is because I gave up since the other person lost. I just wish someone could make it past 8:00 min and give me some kind of challenge. At least in this game your strength continues to get better as you level up unlike the original game. I think I have over +30 strength now, and I have so many crystals I can replenish my mana at will which you have to do all the time once you pass the 8:00 min mark to survive the waves as your arrows are not enough to make it to 12 minutes. I could cheat and give myself 999 strength but thats no fun…

        • I think he meant +30 str from the Final Fantasy bow from being at level 95.

          And I’m sure he’s played local, he probably just stopped playing at a certain point.

          And him maxing everything could mean something else. Maybe he maxed everything he thought was important or got them up to a sufficient level that he doesn’t need to upgrade anymore.

  • Dude this game is full of BS. First they arrows are weaker in local than they are in Battle. I am in game 540 in local now and it’s impossible to beat without using your own crystals to recover mana. They tell you if you use 300 crystals you can recover mana 15% faster. Done the crystals and haven’t seen any mana recovery improvement. Now they want me to use 1000 crystals for 20% more mana recovery.. BS. They just try to get you to buy mana and stuff from the Android Market and get you to actually spend $$$ on this sh***t. The battle mode is glitchy as hell, each time I play a fresh game the phone glitches, I then have to start the game over in order to play. Usually other players quit pretty quickly. Players with good health and mana quit earlier that low mana so not sure how is the pre-recorded theory explains that. I think they set up bots in the game becasue simply there isn’t that many players playing this game

    • Dude read carefully, They don’t say you will recover mana quicker. The line is “15% crystal’s mana recovery”. So after the reward, if you spend a crystal to get instant mana, you would get 15% more instant mana. This does not effect normal mana regeneration rate.

    • I´m in stage 604, and I´ve never used a crystal to recovery mana. I just got pacient to buy more strength (lvl 103+15) and multi arrows (lvl 19+4, 5×89%, and it ask for 695000 to go to 91%). Also upgraded lava moat lvl 3 (Burn lvl 50, Entangling lvl 5, helps a lot). Mana 310 and upgrading….
      Power, Poisoned, Fatal and Agility at MAX.
      Is there a pre-known max level for multi arrows?

  • One more thing, Coin upgrades are done so quick. You’ll find yourself stacking up coins and there is no way to use them anymore. Can’t convert them to mana crystals or do anything with them. I have like 3’000’000 coins now and they are all useless. That’s total BS..

  • Shocked. I have played against player Hebios who has 1080 mana, 580 hp, some green crossbow (not FF) and 5 arrows. Monsters almost instantly died in his lava mold. Has anyone noticed player over 300 health or mana?

    • More than 300 mana and 300 hp is not possible, 300 is maximum. That one player uses hacking game. I played almost 1000 games and I have never met such a player. Only these players, you always used crystals to restore hp. But that does not mean that such players use hacked game. In addition, it is also the player to beat.

      • correcton!! Your management is allowed to increase(as I have noticed and done myself) legitimately once you reach about exp level60-65 not sure about health but I’m sure it will happen but alas only exp level 69

    • I played a game against an opponent with 1000 mana and 1000 hp last week. Been feverishly trying to gain crystals to get everything maxed out to get to their level. Battle mode with 577 wins and 47 losses. Stage 509 local. Level 86. I refuse to buy crystals or use them to replenish mana, so I’ll be on battle mode for a long time to catch up.

  • how do you get mana regen with crystals? Ive looked but have found no way to be able to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • there is a Crystal left of your turns to a + when you use any spells and reduce your mana.So when you pres that + on bottom left,you use a crystal to fill your mana points.But please dont do this.They are so precious to spent for some mana.

  • Actually, I showed back up to post for the same reason as tektekcz.

    I’ve run into several folks with more than 300/300 health and mana. hebio8 was one of them. Hacks or nots.

    I also find it annoying that I can’t run into people to match up against me into the 7-8-9 minute mark.

  • Hmmm, I’ve got just about everything except Crystal things maxed out and I’m getting close to 150 Crystals again. Would you guys recommend getting the 2nd Magic tower or saving up to 290 for the 3rd Lava Moat and then going for Entangling Lava?

    Also, anyone else getting a huge difficulty drop in the Battles? Seems like I get nothing but recordings of other people grinding for crystals who drop out as soon as their opponent lost. Kinda disappointing…

  • this is bad…. i upgrade all my goodies to max, now i have alots wasted coins. i wish they update it have an option to trade 90,000 coins for 2 crystals. you will get 5 bows on level 70

    • Also, I wanted coins for the conversion of crystal. I have over 7 000 000 coins and I can spend. I would prefer a ratio: 1 crystal – 10 000 coins. I fear that developers do not issue this update.

  • I saw someone in a battle with 390 life? I though life and mana max out at 300? What is that?

    And why do Agility/Strengh levels max out, but it still shows a current and next?

    • Bow Final Fantasy adds another value (at five levels): Strength, Agility, Power Shot, Fatal Blow, Multi Arrow. But it also applies to other attributes of the game. Limits are open, but are limited by how to get them. Therefore, the game can be hacked to be 1000 life and 1000 mana, although it is not possible to obtain in the regular game. 300 life and 300 mana is really the most!

  • At level 100 the update Final Fantasy bow stopped (!) on values: +30 Strength, +9 Agility, Power Shot +4, Fatal Blow +5, Multi Arrow +4. I thought that at level 100 receive a special update. But last update was held on the level 95.

    My status on level 100:

    Stage – at the moment is 587 (I can go on and on)
    Wins online – 1001
    Lost online – 202
    Win% – 83/2%
    Record online – 8:32 min. without using a crystal for recover mana
    Record online to the first intervention – 6:05 min.
    Final Fantasy – 30, 9, 4, 5, 4

    Big spender – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Great Mage – Lv.1 – 78/300
    Monster Hunter – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Defender – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Tactician Master – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Fire Master – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Ice Master – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Lighting Master – Lv.3 (Level max)

    Light magic – 3+3+3 (All on basic Level)
    Median spell – 3+9+3 (only Frost Nova Level max)
    Heavy spells – 9+1+1 (only Ragnarok Level max)

    City Wall 21
    Magic Tower 2
    Magic power 99
    Splash 2

    Lava Moat 3
    Burn 99
    Entangling Lava 9

    more than 7 000 000 coins and I can spend, is no longer what to buy

    I wonder if the update actually finished Final Fantasy or will continue for ten (or more) level

    SenseCZ (name in game)

    • Upgrade to v1.0.7 Strength increases the level 150! I have spent an estimated 8.5 million coins. I have Level 150+30 with bow Final Fantasy. At level 105 with Auto-upgrade failed again. So finally stopped at 30, 9, 4, 5, 4 (damage). With new Strength i have a new records:

      Status on Level 106

      Stage – at the moment is 622 (I can go on and on)
      Record online to the first intervention – 7:50 min. without using a crystal for recover mana

      With the new Strength seems to fit new records online – total time. It gives us all a new challenge. Yet I still 8:32 min. without using a crystal for recover mana.

  • i been playing local and i hit stage 140…..saved every crystal and got FF bow….on my way to maxing everying out w/ coins but for the magic….i haven’t done a single darn thing….which magic spells should i go with and which ones are not even worth it? i haen’t played the battle yet at all after restarting my game….i played the first one and i’m still lost when it comes to which magic skills are better than others..i understand the perks like one has burn, freeze, and slow down attributes but which is strongest and best to use ???


    After the last upgrade (dated May 4) is an online game totally corrupt. Almost every opponent uses mana recovery! I stood before you upgrade without problems 7-8 min, now can hold just over 2 minutes (so far I have a record 2:27 minutes without used crystals). Online game has become the arena for cheeters in which you have no chance of success! Cheeters lasts more than a minute longer (I saw 3:12 min). Really great upgrade: (

    • my kill ratio for battle went from 78% down to 25%……WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! agree with SenseCZ mytime went the same way..just at 2:11 for me at lvl 65 w/ ffb, str 129


    Update from today again does not solve the problem with Cheaters!

  • My status on level 85:
    Stage – at the moment is 670 (I can go on and on)
    Wins online – 150
    Lost online – 10
    Win% – 93.7%
    Record online – 7:35 min. without using a crystal for recover mana
    Record online to the first intervention – 7:35 min.
    Final Fantasy – 24, 9, 4, 5, 4
    Big spender – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Great Mage – Lv.0 – 42/60
    Monster Hunter – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Defender – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Tactician Master – Lv.2 (Level max)
    Fire Master – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Ice Master – Lv.3 (Level max)
    Lighting Master – Lv.0 (Level max)
    Light magic – 0+0+0 (All on basic Level)
    Median spell – 3+3+0 (only Frost Nova Level max)
    Heavy spells – 3+3+9 (only Ragnarok Level max)
    City Wall 21
    Magic Tower 1
    Magic power 40
    Splash 2
    Lava Moat 3
    Burn 99
    Entangling Lava 5

    mY Stage 670!!!!!!!!!

  • im starting to hate this game, how is it possible to lose with some one using 100 mana stone bow compare to me using ff at stat higher tham him, also battle rate went down after update, i did notice something, when pvp, bow damage is much weaker than in local, but what is funny, the opponent can shoot the bow like he has maxed out all the stat. other than tht, if u use the last free bow in pvp something happen, bug ? anyone ?

  • I reached Stage 1000, Level 124, 2233 wins online (v1.1.6).

    I can not yet estimate how far it will go to play. But so far it’s going well.

  • How high does Multiple Arrows go in the new update?

    I’m at Level 12 + 4 from the Final Fantasy bringing me to 5 Arrows at 75% The next update only takes it to 77% and I really don’t think that’s worth it unless there’s another one afterwards that brings it to 6 Arrows.

    While I’m at it, what’s the new ceiling for Strength?

  • Unless it was increased again, Strength has a natural cap of 150 with Final Fantasy granting a total bonus of +30 at Level 95, resulting in an overall cap of 180. I don’t think Multiple Arrows ever goes beyond 5 arrows. Currently I am at 5 arrows with 79% damage and the next level will bring me to 81%. I read another post that said someone is at 95%, so I assume at 30 it will cap at 100%.

    It’s stupid, IMO and it feels like the dev is just trying to drag it out and make people pay for coins and crystals. None of the new upgrades are really worth it. High cost is fine in the late game but if the upgrades aren’t significant then it is pointless.

    Anyone know what the cap for Mana has been raised to? I’m at 330 right now and I’m assuming it will go to 400. What other caps were lifted in 1.1.6? The only one I noticed was Mana.

    • Mana Research – The limit is probably Level 30 – ie the 490 (!) .. A player named “ray” that has mana. I played with him many times. it’s 1995 (!) crystals from Level 11 (300 mana). I’m on level 20 (390 mana), I need 1170 crystals.

  • In my personal opinion, the last update only has one intention. Avoid to users reach max levels to longevice game and win more money. Only root/cheaters or no life persons can reach it.

    Im in local 450 and battle 176 and I see my next multiarrow is 5 arrows from 75% to 77% which means only a 10% extra of total damage for 395.000 coins…. what???

    I’m not going to spend a entire weekend to have a single tyni upgrade.
    I’m going to erase or maybe reset the game to play again the fun part, the begining.

  • i have 270 stone, should i go for mana or lava moat ? and this game need to be update, 300k for 2%, not worth at all.

  • Next update is necessary.

    I reached Stage 1500, Level 156, 2845 wins online.

    I spent total of 6000 crystals and still need 4000 crystals. It is still about 200 hours of gameplay. Stage higher than 1500 is already unplayable. I can not tell you how much time I already spent. But I understand the opinion “onelesstoplayit” and other players…

    • correction: The hardest spells (Ragnarok, Ice Age, Armagedon) do not level 20 cap, but it probably ends at 30th level !! The game therefore requires a total of 13 788 crystals !!!

      • new correction: Level 23 (Ragnarok, Ice Age, Armagedon) and higher requires 99 crystals. Therefore the game Requires a total of 13 404 crystals!

  • i wonder what will be next update, and, pvp, just so funny for me, 10 fight 1 win, lol, ill stop pvp for a while until the new update, if have..

  • What did today’s update do? I haven’t downloaded it yet just in case they screwed something else up…

    Lots of comments are saying nothing changed. Anyone know?

  • What is the level Max in the tower both splash and strength. And what is the max of strength for yout bow. Any others would be nice but that all I want.

    • Defender II (v 1.2.0) – Levels Maximum

      Strength 200
      Agility 30
      Power Shot 9
      Poisoned Arrow 9
      Fatal Blow 9
      Multiple Arrows 30
      Senior Hunter 9

      Mana Research 30
      Primary spells 9
      Intermediate spells 9
      Advanced spells 30

      City Wall 21
      Magic Tower 2
      Lava Moat 3
      Magic Power 99
      Splash 20
      Burn 99
      Etangling Lava 20

      Bow Final Fantasy Strength +30, Agility +9 , Power Shot +4, Fatal Blow +5, Multi Arrow +4

  • So the final fantasy bow stops upgrading after you become level 95?
    Another question with mana research as you increase your capacity of mana does it replenish faster with each upgrad?
    Another question what is the max limit for multi arrow. I’ve heard 20 and 30
    and is the moat a must thing to have? I have magic tower maxed (2 towers) damage is maxed at 99 splash is at 10. Should I get the extended moat? It’s damage is also maxed at 99 but no stone into slow. Or should I keep upgrading my mana capacity

  • Strength 140+30. Mana research 12. City wall 23
    Agility 30+9. Ragnarock lvl8. Magic tower lvl2
    Power shot 9+4. Ice Age lvl2. Magic power lvl99
    Fatal blow 15+5. Armageddon lvl8.? Splash lvl10 (55%)
    Multi arrow 18+4. Moat lvl1
    Poison arrow 9 Burn lvl99
    Entagling lava lvl1
    so when does strength max out same w/multi arrow. Do I buy the moat or continue to drop crystals in mana research and advanced level skills, please help im on stage 977

  • i am now at level 1060….my exp level is 100…is there anyone who knows if the fantasybow can be uppgraded further? nothing hapend after level 100 no more bonus for my bow?

  • my multiple arrows are 28/4 my strength 122/30…but i still loose almost everytime in battle!
    my armageddon is in level 18

  • Stage 734
    Lvl 112
    Strength 159+30, Agility 30+9, Power Shot 9+4, Poisoned arrow 9, Fatal Blow 15+5, Multiple Arrow 24+4

    -I’ll admit to buying 2 consignments for crystals before.
    -My battle stats are Win: 1103, Lose 1280, Win% 46.2% (but I win almost all the time now, with an average of about 5mins+-, I would lose almost all my matches before I got to this point)
    -I think the FF bow doesnt upgrade after a certain level.

  • No one notice after the new updates the pvp creeps and opponents will get stronger and stronger if you last more than 2.00 minutes? Do not exceed 2 minutes and always lost at 2.00 if you opponents get far stronger , just forgot about the crystal and lost the game and join again just to make sure the creeps will not getting stronger, or else it’s hard to earn money and exp in pvp

    • been playing this game for quite a while… and i was able to max everything…

      caps stand as:

      TAB 1:

      TAB 2:

      TAB 3:

      yes i know everything isnt spelled out. doing this off my phone and im just too lazy to type it all out. but i took the first letters of the upgrade and put it in here. unless its just one word, in which case the first 3 letters or a reasonable abbrev… your welcome 🙂

  • I have been playing this game for a long while and in battle I maxed out at 27:34 it was hard due to spamming of crystals and ice age but eventually I ran out of crystals and couldent progress I am on stage 876 and im a really good player

  • What does the ‘Senior Hunter’ skill do? I put into 2 points into and don’t see any change to my hp or otherwise.

  • does anybody else have a problem with the touch screen just randomly not working? i have this issue all the time. ill be playing on local or battle and ill be shooting away and my arrows will just stop shooting, or the shooting becomes choppy like its lagging or something. if anybody knows how to fix this plz help because i love this game but if this doesnt stop, then im going to delete this app…

  • I am at level 120 and stage 1210 and I can not get my final fantasy bow to upgrade passed 30 -9-4-5-4. Is that the max for the final bow?

  • So for those of you looking to farm money just save an enemy and let it go to game over and just replay the lv until you think your upgrades are high enough…that what I’m doing and I consider it farming considering it doesn’t really count as a lose

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  • what is the max of everything.i have maxed agi, poisn arrw, snr what is the max of str.anyone plz reply me…and what is the best state of final fantasy???……………..


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